Hôtel Le Saint-Grégoire

Gentle urban living

Heart and soul

At first glance we see a small street at a crossroads in the heart of the 6th arrondissement between Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Saint-Placide. We then discover an inner sanctum full of charm: the 4-star Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire’s serene setting expresses a true art of living that will offer the best memories... for the future.

Like a charm

Between a Paris townhouse and a country home, Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire’s sweet soul full of cozy delights gracefully reveals itself in a precious jewel-case setting. Behind a sober façade, its atmosphere exudes the authenticity - and sincerity - of homes that have both a history and a story to tell… and which will indulge the senses.

Sentimental values

Having cultivated a special attention paid to guests over the decades, the Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire’s decor has been carefully selected to elicit emotions. Its Louis-Philippe-style furnishings, bucolic freshness and enchanting tones characterize a sense of time suspended: a stay in the Hotel offers refined and familiar accents while its location, at the heart of Paris’s vibrant Left Bank neighborhood, provides a delicate, pleasant pause during any visit to the city.


True relaxation

A cozy medley

Hidden at the center of Paris's 6th arrondissement, Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire has 20 rooms and junior suites. These lovely, colorful “candy boxes” seem inhabited by dreams of yesterday and Louis-Philippe accents, now enhanced by modern comfort: wide beds, enveloping fabrics, flowery notes and fruity sweetness all offer a definite charm. Some rooms have a typical Parisian balcony, others open onto a terrace-patio with a touch of greenery, but the advantage of each room is ultimately to provide an enchanting comfort.



An abundance of attention

An easy style

A hotel on a human scale. From their arrival, visitors are surrounded by generosity at Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire. Breakfast is served in the delightful vaulted cellar, so typical of Paris. Take a discreet break, benefit from the natural smiles of the staff.


The Hotel team’s cheerful mood is spontaneously accompanied by personalized gestures such as a custom-made attention to details within the hotel or knowledgeable recommendations for discovering the neighborhood – and beyond. To inspire your stay and make it easy, the Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire staff is available, even before you arrive, to ensure a comfortable stay.



Offers & Packages

A smart choice

Privileged opportunities

Declare your love, blow out birthday candles, indulge in an impromptu getaway: thanks to its exclusive offers, Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire puts its inspired 4 stars within the reach of any desire. To make the most of its cocoon-like charm and 6th arrondissement location, discover Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire's special offers here.


A sweet opportunity to remain calm in the event of unforeseen circumstances. With this flexible offer, cancellations at Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire are quickly done and free-of-charge up to 48 hours before your arrival.


Anticipate your sweet tooth to prevent the unexpected. With this flexible offer, including both breakfast and a no-cost cancellation up to 48 hours before your arrival, you'll have the best of both worlds at Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire.


Celebrate love and Paris in the romantic setting of Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire: an opportunity made even more unforgettable when accompanied by macaroons and delicate, sparkling Champagne. 


Blow out your candles in the City of Light: an opportunity to sparkle between Champagne bubbles and pastries that await you in your room at Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire.


Local Area

An effervescent sensitivity

The radiant Left Bank

And what about the Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire’s neighborhood? This is where the diversity of Parisian life is in full swing, between Montparnasse and Saint-Germain-des-Prés. From the hotel’s location on rue de l'Abbé Grégoire, any direction is ideal for sensing the pulse of Paris: right next door is the bustling vitality of rue de Rennes, the selective glamour of rue de Sèvres, the unusual style and attitude of rue du Cherche-Midi or even the busy Saint-Placide crossroads. And of course the nearby Gare Montparnasse will take you even further. 

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Hôtel Le Saint-Grégoire

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