Hand-in-hand with Mother Nature

Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire may be a small hotel, but its team takes their responsibilities seriously: they respect sustainable development and act conscientiously on behalf of the environment.

To offer well-thought-out comfort, everyday gestures at Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire evolve in the right direction: its ethical hospitality limits its impact on nature and people… for today and also tomorrow. 

Concretely: reducing energy consumption

Climate change calls for sensible energy consumption. Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire maintains its heating and air-conditioning temperature between 19 and 24 degrees to optimize energy efficiency. 

In action: Optimizing water consumption

Just a stone's throw from Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire is a charming fountain on rue du Cherche-Midi that today no longer functions. This is a reminder that water is a treasure to preserve. Water consumption can be rationed by changing bed linens only on request, a gesture that saves thousands of liters of water every year and helps protect our planet.

In practice: Waste separation

Behind the scenes at Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire, the scrupulous separation of waste guarantees our ability to optimize recycling. Everyone plays a role: besides the hotel staff’s meticulous involvement, guests are also asked to contribute by using the sorting garbage cans in the rooms and living areas.

Ever better: an emphasis on sustainable purchases

The Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire team and its partners are committed to sustainability and proximity. Both to reduce its carbon footprint and perpetuate a local socio-economic fabric, Hotel Le Saint-Grégoire usually chooses suppliers who are geographically as nearby as possible. Each is selected for their high standards of sustainable practices: preserving biodiversity and maintaining ethical convictions are their prerequisites for quality.

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